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TESE (testicular sperm extraction) is a procedure where a small part of testicular tissue is removed by biopsy techniques with the aid of local anaesthetic procedures in order to extract any present usable sperm cells from that part of tissue. An ICSI procedure must follow TESE in order to initiate fertilization.

TESA / TESE in North Cyprus

This procedure eliminated the need for mature sperm cell growth obtainable through semen liquid only as long as viable sperm cells are present even in insignificant amounts within testicular tissues – this is particularly helpful for cases with significantly poor sperm generation where surgical extraction is virtually the only possible alternative to semen ejaculate sampling.

TESE (testicular sperm aspiration) is a very similar technique to TESE in that a microneedle is injected into the testicular tissue through aspiration of tissue and fluid samples from within it. The gathered sample, later on, is analysed for viable sperm cell existence.

In conditions where vasectomy reversal is failed or where contraindications to reversal process appear, then TESE/TESA can be administered as useful alternatives. If no extractable sperm cell is found in the semen sample (or within the gathered sample in TESA), even when no known condition causes it, then sperm removal through surgical techniques can be done. Micro TESE is a method of last resort for azoospermia cases to extract viable sperm cells from testicular tissue. If sperm cell extraction still fails, then the patient needs to consider Sperm Donation. as the only possible method to achieve fertilization.

Dogus IVF Clinic can administer both TESE and TESA treatments, thanks to our professional urologists.

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