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This is a favoured method of IVF treatment choice particularly for clients with limited reserve or weak egg cells. Tandem cycle procedure lets patient reserve a donor egg for later use in case her own ova might go through problems, resulting in pregnancy failure.

Tandem Cycle in North Cyprus

The recipient starts egg stimulation process the same way as it is initiated in regular treatment, while at the same time an egg donor, whose biological characteristics are similar to the recipient, will also initiate egg donation procedures together with the guidance of our doctors. IVF procedures require medical tests to be carried out to examine and monitor ova of both the recipient and the donor, separately. In the possible case where recipient’s own egg cells cannot develop well into maturity, then the donor eggs will be used. Presence of additional healthy eggs for multiple embryo developments increases the chance of the possibility of pregnancy, thanks to the technology of tandem cycles.

Advantages Of Tandem Cycles:

  • The client is allowed a further chance to undertake IVF with her own mature egg before the decision to initiate donation procedures..
  • Success rates of the treatment increases as additional mature eggs are present as a back-up..
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