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When Sperm Donations May Be Required?

  • When inabilities in gathering any sperm cell from semen samples, inadequate concentrations of gathered sperm cells or unsuccessful pregnancies (despite treatment) happen,
  • When sperm cell absence is identified with micro tesa method,
  • In case the individual has a sperm morphology disorder affecting a healthy reproductive system,
  • In case the male is infected with an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection, e.g. HIV).

Sperm Donation in North Cyprus

Selection of Sperm Donors:

Donated sperm samples are frozen and stored safely in our sperm bank. The frozen samples had undergone tests for their reproductive capabilities prior to the functionally superior ones being frozen for future use.

Depending on the biological preferences of the applicant couple, the sperm sample chosen from the sperm bank and the recipient’s (or the donated) eggs are fused together via a micro-injection procedure. This process generates the embryo and is followed by the scheduling of transplantation process for the patient.

We get donated sperm samples from “CRYOS”, which is one of the most reliable sperm banks in Europe. There are hundreds of different sperm samples with different characteristics within the sperm bank of our laboratory. Our client will be able to have information about the physical properties of sperm donors and hence can evaluate subjectively preferred characteristics and further details accordingly.

Innovation in Sperm Donation
Dogus IVF Center would like to announce the new service of selecting sperm:

Contacting our team for sperm donation treatment allows you the possibility of choosing sperm samples accordingly with your preferred physical characteristics for your baby.

We as Dogus Infertility Clinic are happy to announce this innovative service. You are more than welcome to contact us for any help and assistance.

Your first step is contacting our team. Our international patient coordinator will guide you throughout the process and inform you on all the vital details about how you should access Cryos Sperm Bank online and choose the sample that you need.

About Cryos Sperm Bank:
Please take your time and have a look at the following link to identify the suitable sperm sample for you:

Ease of access, professional service and an innovative team is waiting for you in our Dogus Infertility Clinic to make your dreams a vivid reality!

The Cycle of Sperm Donation

Couples who wish to go through sperm donation process need to start primarily an IVF treatment. IVF treatment is initiated by pill administration starting from the 21st day of recipient mother’s menstrual cycle. Following this on the eighth till tenth day hormone injections will be administered to help multiply egg cells. This is the stage when third day of the new ovum generation cycle is commenced. These injections will have various dosages depending on the age and hormone levels of the client. Couples who wish to go through sperm donation process will need to get in contact with their GP, or any doctor we suggest them. Following this, necessary arrangements will be collaboratively organized.

Sperm Donation Success Rates

Success rates fluctuate around a mean of 70%, and known to vary depending on the age of egg receiver as well as the responses of ovaries to the hormonal injections. The stages of successful pregnancies following transplantations are identical to the pregnancy stages occurring with regular intercourse. Miscarriage or birth defect possibilities are also the similar.

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