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(Clinic Director)

Dr. Şevket AlptürkDr. Sevket Alpturk, is the Institute Director of Dogus IVF CENTER. The Infertility clinic was established by Dr. Sevket ALPTÜRK in 1992. Dr. Sevket was born in 1959 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He started his education in the field of medicine at Ankara University and finished his degree in 1983. After the field of medicine Dr. Sevket started to continue his studies in the field of Gynecology.

Specialties: Gynecologist and Infertility IVF Specialist


2001 – 2002 Ankara University Medical School Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department Specialising in new In Vitro Fertilisation and embryo transfer techniques 1988 – 1989 Ankara University Medical School Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department Gynaecologic and Obstetric Ultrasonography, Gynaecologic Endoscopy Micro Surgery and Colposcopy Training

1984 – 1988
Ankara University Medical School
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Specialisation

1977 – 1983
Ankara University Medical School
Medical Degree

Awards and Honors:

Pre-congress Course: TARTEN (Translantic Reproductive Technologies Network)

ISO 9001 by URS (UKAS Quality Management) Medical and Surgical Diagnosis
and Treatment Services 13th of October 2008

ESHRE ( 27th Annual Meeting of ESHRE Stockholm, Sweden 3-6 July 2011)

CME Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Gynecologist endoscopy from Medicine Faculty of Ankara University

Certificate of Health and Social Ministry of Turkish Republic

Certificate of Obstetric Gynecologist Ultrasonography from Medicine Faculty of Ankara University

zeina muharrebZeina Muharreb
(International Patient Coordinator)

Zeina Muhareb has a bachelor’s degree from English Literature and Humanities department 2011 with Honour certificate. During those years she was assistant at the University. Then after her undergraduate degree she started doing masters on Marketing Management field. She had the opportunity to be Research Assistant at the Registrar`s Office. Then after she finished all the courses she started working at Dogus IVF Center as an International Patient Coordinator.
Her Masters Thesis is on International Patient satisfaction and services.

Languages: Fluent in Arabic (Native), Fluent in Turkish (2nd Native), English and a little of French.


Eastern Mediteranean University – Masters on Marketing and Management (13`)

Eastern Mediteranean University – English Literature and Humanities 2007-2011: Graduated with Honours

Training course for Fund Raising Skills in Serbia – Belgrade (2009)

Gazimağusa Turk Maarif Collage 2001-2006: Achieved High School

Mashrek International School 1999-2001

Baptist Amman School 1996-1999

Dogus IVF Centre Medical Team

The desire to have a baby is one of the most important decisions in your life. We, the staffs of Dogus IVF CENTRE , just aim to make you touch your long-awaited baby.

Gynecologist and IVF Specialist
Jin. Op.Dr.Şevket ALPTÜRK

Anesthesia Specialist
Dr. Çağatay Çelik

Coordinator of Turkey
Ezgi Kalkan

International Coordinator
Zeina Muharreb (English-Arabic)
Ornella Spadola (English-İtalian)
Aslı Aliyeva (Azeri)
Erdem Coşkun (French)
Lisa Klinger (Deutsch)
Mirşat Mamedova (Russian)

Embryology Department
Dr. Münevver Serdaroğulları
Emb. Can Erbulut
Emb. Fatma Tertemiz
Emb. Tonguz Çakmak
Emb. Gül Dağlı
Emb. Türkay Öyken

Genetic Department
Prof. Dr. Nejat İmirzalıoğlu
Dr. Ayşe Sözüöz
Bio. Levent Erkan

Havva Sağdeniz
Serap Menekşe
Cihan Seyitkuliyeva
Gül Doğan
Mirşat Mamedova
Öznur Doğan
Kübra Dinç

Secretaries and Accounts Department
Bilge Alat
Ayşe Gülpınar
Seda Demir

Transportation Responsibles
İbrahim Soyal
Kemal Doğancılı
Kaan Baykent

Feray Kokulu
Filiz Karakaplan
Nevşim Yücener
Risalat Baratova

Catering Responsibles
Fatma Bostantepe


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