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IVF with Gender Selection (PGD) at Dogus IVF Clinic aids in the elimination of gender-related hereditary illnesses as well as allows further control in family planning.

Gender Selection IVF (PGD) in North Cyprus

You can consider contacting our staff Dr. Şevket Alptürk as a good start as he holds a significant degree of experience relying on his past with family IVF treatments. After gender selection became clinically available, a new era had begun that requires expert skills in both guidance and medical procedures.

Demand for gender selection has, ever since it became available, been steadily increasing. We would like to highlight the fact that IVF with gender selection is officially legal in Northern Cyprus. Dogus IVF Clinic is working under legal allowances that had been acknowledged by current government.

Dogus IVF Clinic has a very high success rate and offers affordable costs for gender selection procedures. We invite you to consider working with us if you also prioritize your family planning. We invite you to contact our doctor Şevket Alptürk.

Gender selection is the procedure of selecting the embryo with desired sex chromosomes (whether it is female or male) after an examination of cells obtained from the pool of embryos produced by IVF technology.

Couples who want to undergo gender selection process need to primarily start an IVF treatment. This is initiated under our experienced doctors’ supervision. Initiation happens on the second day of the menstrual cycle of future mother. Hormone injections are to be administered for a total duration of 8 to 10 days for multiplying healthy egg cells. Injections happen on incremental dosages that would be regulated depending primarily on test results and age of the recipient. Couples who would like to undergo this process are invited to contact either their own GPs or one of the experienced doctors we could recommend them. Following this, further arrangements will be organised with our help.

Egg cell maturation may need 8 to 12 days, on average. When ova reach a desirable growth in size, a cleavage micro-needle is inserted inside them to split them apart for collection. Collection, though, happens up to 35 hours (i.e. one and a half day) ahead of the cleavage and hence necessary arrangements should be made regarding this duration to allow for optimal progress of stage

Egg collection is a simple process that inflicts no pain. It is a process that can be performed under a weak anaesthesia as well – the duration of the whole process is around 30 minutes in total.

The micro-injection technique, termed as ICSI, is used to fuse the collected egg cell with a healthy sperm (from future father), resulting in fertilization leading to zygote formation. A growing zygote reaches the stages in development where it is termed as an ‘embryo’ from then on. Growth of all embryos formed in this way are to be analysed and on the third day gender determination procedure is done by the PGD method (Gender selection in Northern Cyprus).

Embryo transplantation is performed on the second day following the end of gender selection process; and 12 days after the transplantation process, a ß-HCG test is to be performed to check whether pregnancy has occurred or not.

MICROSORT is now at Dogus IVF Centre

Gender selection treatments get further guarantees on the success of their results thanks to Microsort. Microsort is a method in which sperm samples are differentiated with a minimum of 80% accuracy into two main groups of cells carrying different sex chromosomes.

This method increases the chances for a successful family planning for couples who wish to accurately identify the gender of their baby.

These Are Some Genetic Conditions That Can Be Identified Via a Atandard PGD Procedure :

  • Chromosome X: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Fragile X Syndrome and Turner’s Syndrome
  • Chromosome Y: Acute myeloidleukemia
  • Chromosome 13: Wilson Disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer
  • Chromosome 18: Pancreatic cancer, Niemann-Pick Disease
  • Chromosome 21: Down’s Syndrome

How Does Gender Selection IVF Work ?

  • Our experienced doctors isolate numerous ova from the future mother and a sample of healthy sperm cells from the future father.
  • Sperm cells undergo fusion with the egg cells in vitro by our experienced laboratory personnel. This process is called in vitro fertilisation (IVF).
  • Under normal developmental pattern, by 3 days following fertilisation several 8-cell embryos should have had developed.
  • Our specialist personnel will examine the genetic structure of developed embryos. Assessment for heritable diseases and gender identification will also be done.
  • Healthy embryos of the desired gender will then be implanted onto the uterine wall of the future mother.
  • Any additional healthy embryos ready for transplantation may be cryo-frozen for future use depending on couple’s preferences.
  • The following gestation as well as delivery is to happen in the same manner as they happen for pregnancies following intercourse.
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