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Azoospermia is the situation in which no sperms are observed in the semens.

The reasons of azoospermia for the respective patients may include the absence of sperm channels and of vas deferens, or congestion of sperm channels by birth; as well as the hormonal or genetical disorders; operations for undescented testis or hernia; lately recognition of the testicals being out of place and having an operation at an adult age or the status of testicals stil being out of place (fluctuating from inguinal channel to vesica; in the inguinal channel or within the abdomen, etc.), childhood pyretic infections that disabled the function of testicals by swelling them (epidemic parotitis, meningitis, etc.), exposure to chemotheraphy or radiotherapy following an operation for testicular tumor, a variety of traumas (traffic accident, sports injuries).

For azoospermic cases, the process of sperm donation is recommended in which the sperms of another male who does not suffer from infertility or any other medical problems are used.

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