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Regarding the transportation to North Cyprus the EU citizens can come directly to LARNACA Airport. The other citizens should come over Turkey to North Cyprus Ercan Airport
If the patient needs help in any information about how to get to Cyprus our coordinators will be guiding them to be in the right path.

 Dogus IVF Centre Cyprus Accomodation & Transportation

According to the transportation services at Dogus IVF Center inside Cyprus; we provide this service freely to the patients. This transportation service is from the following points provided freely:

  • Hotel – Clinic
  • Clinic- Hotel

The international Patient Coordinator will be responsible to manage the accommodation for the patients according to their budgets.

There will be several choices given to the patients regarding their choice it will be managed.

The international Patient Coordinator will be always guiding the patient during their stay in Cyprus.

For Each season Dogus IVF Center team will select the most qualified hotels with the best offers for our patients.

You just need to contact us and everything will be managed according to your will.


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